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Oriental Mindoro
Island Group Luzon
Capital City Of Calapan
Area 4,238.38 km²
Cities 1
Municipalities 14
- Total 735,769
- Density/km² 173.60
Income class 1
Location in the Philippines:

Oriental Mindoro

Oriental Mindoro, located about 140 km southwest of Manila, is a province of the Philippines located in the island of Mindoro under the MIMAROPA region in Luzon. It is composed of 14 municipalities, with one city, Calapan City serving as the provincial capital. The province is touted as the country’s emerging eco-tourism destination. Most of the endemic species in the Philippines are found in the Verde Island Passage between Mindoro and the main island of Luzon.

The western portion of the province is mountainous or rugged, while hills and flood plains are widely distributed in the eastern portion. Lake Naujan, the fifth largest lake in the country with an area of approximately 8,125 hectares of open water, is located in the northeastern part of the province.

Oriental Mindoro’s rich and arable land is suitable for agriculture. It is producing large quantities of rice, corn, coconut, vegetables and fruits like calamansi, banana, rambutan, marang, lanzones and durian. For that, Oriental Mindoro is known as the Rice Granary of Southern Tagalog and it is still the Banana King and Calamansi King of the region.

Oriental Mindoro is the most populous province in the region. The province is largely rural, with 70% of the population engaged in agriculture and fishing, with only 30% living in urban areas. Tagalong is the language widely spoken in the province. Other languages spoken are Ilocano and Cebuano. Mangyans are also the indigenous people of the province and their dialects are Arayan, Alagnan, Buhid, Hanunoo and Tadyawan. Oriental Mindoro has no distinct wet or dry season but experiences maximum rainfall during the months of June to October.

Oriental Mindoro evokes images of a genuine tropical paradise with its white sand, crystal clear water, lush green forests covering majestic mountains and splendid waterfalls. Puerto Galera is known for its lovely white sand beaches and its exquisite dive sites with a biodiversity of marine life in and around the coral reefs. The province is also perfect for bird watching activities of local and migratory species, and is home to mammals like the Tamaraw, an endemic straight-horned water buffalo.

Mountain climbing, trekking, camping, caving, bird watching, island exploration, adventure trips, windsurfing, scuba diving, scuba macro photography, snorkeling, keelboat and dinghy sailing are among the exciting recreational activities possible in the province. With its largely unspoiled natural beauty, Oriental Mindoro has much to offer in terms of tourism and other economic opportunities.

The most populous cities and municipalities in Oriental Mindoro are:

City/Municipality City class Area
in km²
Urbanisation Population
Total Density/km²
City Of Calapan Component City 250.06 3 partly urban 116,976 467.79
Naujan Municipality 503.10 1 partly urban 90,629 180.14
Pinamalayan Municipality 282.26 1 partly urban 77,119 273.22
Bongabong Municipality 498.20 1 partly urban 61,127 122.70
Roxas Municipality 85.26 2 partly urban 46,711 547.87
Victoria Municipality 146.23 2 partly urban 44,932 307.27
Mansalay Municipality 446.62 2 partly urban 43,974 98.46
Gloria Municipality 245.52 3 partly urban 40,561 165.20
Socorro Municipality 151.38 3 partly urban 38,052 251.37
Bansud Municipality 343.47 2 partly urban 35,664 103.83

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