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Philippine Islands

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Barangay of
Los Baņos
Island Group Luzon
Province Laguna
Municipality Los Baņos
- Total 15,751
- Density/km²
Urbanisation urban
Location in the Philippines:


Mayondon is a barangay of the philippine municipality Los Baņos in the province Laguna in CALABARZON which is part of the Luzon group of islands. The municipality Los Baņos with a population of about 98,631 and its 14 barangays belongs to the urban areas in the Philippines. Mayondon had 15,751 residents by the end of 2007.

Mayondon belongs to the barangays of Municipality Los Baņos which are in the outlying area.

Other barangays of Los Baņos are:

Anos, Bagong Silang, Bambang, Batong Malake, Baybayin (Pob.), Bayog, Lalakay, Maahas, Malinta, Putho Tuntungin, San Antonio, Tadlak, Timugan (Pob.)

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