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Philippine Islands

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Island Group Luzon
Province Batangas
Area 109.80 km²
Barangays 46
PSGC 041012000
ZIP 4209
- Total 76,090
- Density/km² 692.99
Income class 1
Urbanisation partly urban
Location in the Philippines:


Lemery is a philippine municipality in the province Batangas in Region IV-A CALABARZON which be­longs to the Luzon group of islands. The municipality Lemery is seated about 27 km north-west of province capital Batangas City and about 75 km south-south-west of Philippine main capital Manila.

Lemery is a 1st class municipality. Regarding urbanization Lemery is classified as partly urban. Lemery occupies an area of 109.80 km². By the end of 2007 Lemery was the home of 76,090 residents. Thus by average 692.99 people are living on one km².

Administratively the Municipality of Lemery is subdivided into 46 barangays. 4 compose the center of the city wheras the other 42 are in the outlying areas. Some of them are even several kilometers away from the center of the Municipality. The most populous are District III (Pob.), Rizal, Lucky, Maigsing Dahilig, Balanga, Masalisi, Dita, District II (Pob.), Tubuan, Tubigan, Maligaya, San Isidro Ibaba, Matingain II, Bagong Sikat, Niugan.

Among the bigger cities and muni­ci­pa­li­ties in the neigh­bor­hood of Lemery there are City Of Manila (First District) 74 km north-north-east, City Of Antipolo (Rizal) 79 km north-north-east, Caloocan City (Third District) 80 km north, Quezon City (Second District) 82 km north-north-east, Taguig City (Fourth District) 72 km north-north-east, City Of Pasig (Second District) 76 km north-north-east, City Of Las Piņas (Fourth District) 62 km north, City Of Dasmariņas (Cavite) 42 km north-north-east, City Of Makati (Fourth District) 73 km north-north-east as well as 86 km north of Lemery the municipality City Of Valenzuela (Third District).

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