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Lanao Del Sur
Island Group Mindanao
Region Autonomous Region in Muslim
Capital Marawi City
Area 13,494.37 km²
Cities 1
Municipalities 39
- Total 1,138,544
- Density/km² 84.37
Income class 1
Location in the Philippines:

Lanao Del Sur

Lanao del Sur is one of the provinces of the Philippines and is part of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). It forms the western portion of Northern Mindanao and is bounded on the north by Lanao del Norte, on the east by Bukidnon, on the west by Illana Bay, and on the south by Maguindanao and Cotabato. The province is subdivided into 39 municipalities and 1 city, Marawi which the capital. Marawi City is now the only chartered city in the country with predominantly Muslim population.

Lanao del Sur has a cool and pleasant climate characterized by even distribution of rainfall throughout the year, without a distinct summer season. It is relatively dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year. It is outside the typhoon belt of the country. Mt. Butig is the highest peak which is located in the southern part of the province.

Lanao comes from the word ranao which means “lake” because the life of its people centers on Lake Lanao, the second largest and deepest lake in the Philippines which is found at the center of the province. Thus, Lanao is the land of the Maranaos, the “people of the lake.” Lake Lanao is one of the breathtakingly beautiful spots in the province. It is surrounded with myths and legends. Marawi City offers a magnificent view of the lake.

Because of its fertile agricultural lands and good typhoon-free climate, the province is ideal for high value commercial crops such as rubber, cacao, coffee, sweet corn and other fruits and vegetables. Goat and cattle raising have great potential not only for domestic consumption but also for export.

The native Maranaos of Lanao del Sur have fascinating culture which is best manifested in Marawi City by the presence of many large torogans, the Maranao houses, which are characterized by an antique royal high roof with curved designs. The Aga Khan Museum located within Mindanao State University stores Maranao and other Moro artifacts. It prides itself for its huge collection of indigenous art and cultural materials, ethnic music, native tools and weapons used by the Muslims.

The native wear of Maranao women is the malong which is worn as a shirt or dress, used to cover the head or as a blanket. It can be geometric, floral, violet, purple, green, red or yellow in color.

The most populous cities and municipalities in Lanao Del Sur are:

City/Municipality City class Area
in km²
Urbanisation Population
Total Density/km²
Marawi City Component City 87.55 4 urban 177,391 2,026.17
Lumba-bayabao (Maguing) Municipality 640.02 2 partly urban 57,304 89.53
Wao Municipality 485.24 2 partly urban 42,186 86.94
Malabang Municipality 198.10 3 partly urban 41,024 207.09
Piagapo Municipality 340.07 4 partly urban 34,792 102.31
Balabagan Municipality 230.00 0 partly urban 33,421 145.31
Marantao Municipality 660.00 2 partly urban 32,075 48.60
Balindong (Watu) Municipality 453.94 0 rural 30,295 66.74
Masiu Municipality 170.00 5 partly urban 30,196 177.62
Maguing Municipality 815.04 2 rural 29,045 35.64

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