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Philippine Islands

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Island Group Luzon
Region Central Luzon
Province Zambales
Area 153.38 km²
Barangays 14
PSGC 037105000
ZIP 2201
- Total 44,344
- Density/km² 289.11
Income class 2
Urbanisation partly urban
Location in the Philippines:


Iba is a philippine municipality in the province Zambales in Region III Central Luzon which be­longs to the Luzon group of islands. The municipality Iba is seated about 138 km north-west of Philippine main capital Manila.

Iba is a 2nd class municipality. Regarding urbanization Iba is classified as partly urban. Iba occupies an area of 153.38 km². By the end of 2007 Iba was the home of 44,344 residents. Thus by average 289.11 people are living on one km².

Administratively the Municipality of Iba is subdivided into 14 barangays. 6 compose the center of the city wheras the other 8 are in the outlying areas. Some of them are even several kilometers away from the center of the Municipality. The most populous are Zone 3 Pob. (Botlay), Zone 4 Pob. (Sagapan), Zone 6 Pob. (Baytan), Zone 2 Pob. (Aypa), Zone 5 Pob. (Bano), Zone 1 Pob. (Libaba), Lipay-Dingin-Panibuatan, Dirita-Baloguen, Santa Barbara, Santo Rosario, Bangantalinga, San Agustin, Amungan, Palanginan (Palanguinan-Tambak).

Among the bigger cities and muni­ci­pa­li­ties in the neigh­bor­hood of Iba there are City Of Tarlac (Tarlac) 66 km east-north-east, Olongapo City 63 km south-south-east, San Carlos City (Pangasinan) 78 km north-north-east, City Of San Fernando (Pampanga) 84 km east-south-east, Mabalacat (Pampanga) 65 km east, Angeles City (Pampanga) 67 km east-south-east, Concepcion (Tarlac) 76 km east, Dagupan City (Pangasinan) 89 km north-north-east, Hagonoy (Bulacan) 97 km south-east as well as 84 km east-south-east of Iba the municipality Mexico (Pampanga).


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