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Eastern Samar
Island Group Visayas
Region Eastern Visayas
Capital City Of Borongan
Area 4,660.47 km²
Cities 1
Municipalities 22
- Total 405,114
- Density/km² 86.93
Income class 2
Location in the Philippines:

Eastern Samar

Eastern Samar is a province of the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas Region. It is bounded on the east by the Philippine Sea, on the west by the province of Samar, on the south by Leyte Gulf and on the north lies Northern Samar. The province is subdivided into 22 municipalities and 1 city. Borongan City, the provincial capital, is the largest in terms of area. Eastern Samar is the 20th least populated province in the Philippines.

The province of Eastern Samar was created by Republic Act No. 4221 which was approved by the Congress on June 19, 1965. This Act divided the whole island of Samar into three independent provinces namely: Northern Samar, Eastern Samar and Western Samar which was subsequently renamed as Samar.

Before its existence as an independent province, places which are now part of Eastern Samar played important roles in the history of the country. On March 16, 1521, Magellan first set foot on Philippine soil in the island of Homonhon which he called as “The Watering Place of Good Signs”.

The climate of the province is characterized by rain and marked seasonal period of heavy rain at all months of the year. It has also distinct seasons: rainy from November to January and dry from July to September.

Agriculture is the major source of income in Eastern Samar. The main product of the province is copra. Other local agricultural products include maize, rice, sugarcane and various other vegetables.

The province has one of the largest remaining unfragmented tracts of lowland tropical rainforests in the Philippines. In these dense jungles, some endangered animals can be found like the Philippine Eagle which is the second largest eagle in the world, the Philippine Cockatoo and the Flying Lemur. One can explore these rainforests by taking a local boat ride in one of the several rivers or hike on the slowly rising trails following the river to one of the waterfalls. Undeveloped beaches also abound when you feel like relaxing or taking a break from your vigorous adventures.

Eastern Samar is one of the last natural paradises in the Philippines. So if you are planning to take a trip to the Philippines and looking for more undeveloped and natural destinations, include Eastern Samar in your itinerary because a fantastic experience awaits for you in the province.

The most populous cities and municipalities in Eastern Samar are:

City/Municipality City class Area
in km²
Urbanisation Population
Total Density/km²
City Of Borongan Component City 475.00 0 partly urban 59,354 124.96
Guiuan Municipality 175.49 2 partly urban 43,469 247.70
Dolores Municipality 308.58 0 partly urban 34,522 111.87
Oras Municipality 188.70 0 partly urban 31,745 168.23
Sulat Municipality 169.75 4 partly urban 19,322 113.83
Salcedo Municipality 113.80 0 partly urban 18,680 164.15
Llorente Municipality 496.07 3 partly urban 18,257 36.80
Can-avid Municipality 288.70 4 partly urban 18,173 62.95
Taft Municipality 231.27 4 partly urban 16,362 70.75
Arteche Municipality 169.82 3 partly urban 14,354 84.52

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