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Danao City
Component City
Island Group Visayas
Region Central Visayas
Province Cebu
Area 107.30 km²
Barangays 42
PSGC 072223000
ZIP 6004
- Total 109,354
- Density/km² 1,019.14
Income class 3
Urbanisation partly urban
Location in the Philippines:

Danao City

Danao City is a philippine component city in the province Cebu in Region VII Central Visayas which be­longs to the Visayas group of islands. The component city Danao City is seated about 25 km north-east of province capital Cebu City and about 557 km south-east of Philippine main capital Manila.

Danao City is one of the cities and municipalities which comprise the province of Cebu in Region 7 or Central Visayas Region in the Philippines. It is located in the northern part of Cebu facing the Camotes Islands. According to the 2007 census, Danao City has a total population of 109,534 residents and it occupies a land area of 107.30 km².

Danao City can be reached from Cebu City through the national highways which are asphalted or concreted and widened to conform to the specification of a real highway. There are a total of 6 concrete bridges within the cityís boundary and two seaports. The intercity transport system is primarily served by tricycles and pedicabs while public transports coming in and out of the city are mostly passenger jeepneys.

The City of Danao is well known for its gun making industry which started in 1905-1906. During World War II, Danao gunsmiths went underground and helped the guerilla movement. In the 1960ís gun making continued to work underground making paltik, a homemade and illegal imitations of popular guns. In 1990ís, the industry was legalized by the government, with the creation of two organizations of local gunsmiths.

Other industries in Danao City which make it progressive are the cottage industries such as ceramics, fiber-crafts, shell crafts, woodcrafts and metal crafts. The pot making industry in the city has been handed down from generation to generation. Barangay Suba is noted for this industry with about 60 households involved. Presently, the company that is providing employment for the city and other neighboring towns is Cebu Mitsumi, Inc., a Japanese-owned company operating in Barangay Sabang which manufactures magnetic heads, micromotors and condensers.

There is no concrete record to support the story on how Danao got its name. There is however one old legendary story of a Spanish Captain by the name of Manuel Aniceto del Rosario who was commissioned by the early Spanish authorities to established municipalities in the northern part of the province of Cebu. Riding on his horse on his way to the north, he came upon a few natives who were resting and taking time bathing their carabaos (water buffalo) in one of the many lakes in the area. Dismounting from his horse, the Captain talked with the surprised natives and inquired the name of the place by pointing vertically his forefinger to the ground where they stood. The natives thought that the stranger might have asked the name of the small lakes where their carabaos were resting. One native instantly replied: "Danawan" (a Cebuano dialect for small lake) and because of the Captainís defective hearing, he only heard and recorded the first syllable "Da-nao".

Administratively the Component City of Danao City is subdivided into 42 barangays. One forms the center of the city wheras the other 41 are in the outlying areas. Some of them are even several kilometers away from the center of the Component City. The most populous are Magtagobtob, Nangka, Sacsac, Bayabas, Cambubho, Langosig, Sibacan, Oguis, Pili, Malapoc, Ibo, Dungga, Cagat-Lamac, Sandayong Norte, Danasan.

Among the bigger cities and muni­ci­pa­li­ties in the neigh­bor­hood of Danao City there are Mandaue City 23 km south-south-west, Lapu-lapu City (Opon) 25 km south-south-west, Cebu City 25 km south-west, Ormoc City (Leyte) 83 km north-east, Toledo City 43 km west-south-west, City Of Talisay 36 km south-west, Minglanilla 40 km south-west, Sagay City (Negros Occidental) 77 km west-north-west, San Carlos City (Negros Occidental) 80 km west as well as 91 km west-north-west of Danao City the component city Cadiz City (Negros Occidental).

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