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City Of Talisay
Component City
Island Group Visayas
Region Western Visayas
Province Negros Occidental
Area 201.18 km²
Barangays 27
PSGC 064528000
ZIP 6115
- Total 96,444
- Density/km² 479.39
Income class 4
Urbanisation partly urban
Location in the Philippines:

City Of Talisay

Talisay City is one of the component cities of Negros Occidental in Region VI or Western Visayas Region which belongs to the Visayas group of islands. This component city is bounded on the south by Bacolod City and on the north by Silay City. It is seated about 7.3 kilometers from Bacolod City and as the first city going north of Bacolod; it is very accessible and can be reached from Bacolod in 10 to 15 minutes.

Talisay City is classified as partly urban. As of the 2007 census, it has a total population of 96,444 people occupying a total area of 201.18 square kilometers. Thus, 479.39 people are residing on one square kilometer of the city.

The City of Talisay was named after a tree that grew abundantly along the mouth of the Matab-ang River. It was converted from a sitio to a town on September 20, 1850 when many of its people embraced the Catholic faith. San Nicholas de Tolentino became their patron saint. Finally, Talisay was elevated into a city on February 11, 1998 through the effort of its local officials led by Mayor Amelo Lizares.

Along the Talisay National Highway is one of the famous landmarks in the city, the Nature’s Village Resort. It is a country-style resort with complete amenities like restaurant, swimming pool, playground, tennis court, driving range, children’s park, horseback riding, function rooms for all types of occasion and hotel facilities for business and convention.

Another must-see in the City of Talisay is The Ruins. It is famous because of its intricate architecture and romantic ambiance. The Ruins is of Italianate architecture with neo-Romanesque twin columns. This grand mansion was built by Don Mariano Lacson in memory of his wife, Maria Braga. It was reduced to its skeletal frame during the World War II when the American soldiers set it on fire so that it will not be used as headquarters by the Japanese forces.

Other tourist destinations in the city include the Bamboo Spring Garden and Leisure Farm at Brgy. Efiginio Lizares; the Spa by the Sea Resort; the ancestral houses owned by the Lizares and Lacson families; the Henares Garden and Resort and Campuestuhan in Barangay Cabatangan.

Talisay City celebrates two major festivities each year. These are the Minuluan Festival held every September 4-10 in honor of their patron saint, San Nicholas de Tolentino; and the Pasidungog Festival held every 11th of February.

Administratively the Component City of City Of Talisay is subdivided into 27 barangays. 19 compose the center of the city wheras the other 8 are in the outlying areas. Some of them are even several kilometers away from the center of the Component City. The most populous are Zone 8 (Pob.), Zone 14 (Pob.), Zone 14-B (Pob.), Zone 9 (Pob.), Zone 7 (Pob.), Zone 14-A (Pob.), Zone 4 (Pob.), Zone 11 (Pob.), Zone 6 (Pob.), Zone 1 (Pob.), Zone 4-A (Pob.), Zone 5 (Pob.), Katilingban, Zone 2 (Pob.), Bubog.

Among the bigger cities and muni­ci­pa­li­ties in the neigh­bor­hood of City Of Talisay there are Toledo City (Cebu) 84 km east-south-east, City Of Kabankalan 84 km south-south-west, Bago City 26 km south-west, Iloilo City (Iloilo) 45 km west, Cadiz City 43 km east-north-east, Bacolod City 7 km south-south-west, Sagay City 52 km east-north-east, Silay City 6 km north, Roxas City (Capiz) 97 km north-west as well as 71 km south of City Of Talisay the component city City Of Himamaylan.

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