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Arayat Barangays

Arayat is a philippine municipality. It is located in the province Pampanga in Region III Central Luzon which is a part of the Luzon group of islands. The municipality Arayat is seated about 16 km north-north-east of province capital City Of San Fernando and about 68 km north-west of Philippine main capital Manila. The geographic coordinates of Arayat are 15° 9' 0'' N, 120° 46' 0'' E.

Administratively the Municipality of Arayat is subdivided into 30 barangays. One forms the center of the city wheras the other 29 are in the outlying areas. Some of them are even several kilometers away from the center of the Municipality.

No. Name PSGC-Code Area
in km²
Urbanisation Population
1 Arenas 035403001 - rural 4,142
2 Baliti 035403002 - rural 2,315
3 Batasan 035403003 - rural 2,314
5 Buensuceso 035403005 - urban 3,544
7 Candating 035403007 - rural 4,698
8 Gatiawin 035403008 - rural 5,366
9 Guemasan 035403009 - rural 4,033
10 La Paz (Turu) 035403010 - rural 752
11 Lacmit 035403011 - rural 4,698
12 Lacquios 035403012 - rural 2,907
13 Mangga-Cacutud 035403013 - urban 8,750
14 Mapalad 035403014 - rural 2,712
15 Panlinlang 035403015 - rural 3,059
16 Paralaya 035403016 - rural 1,914
17 Plazang Luma 035403017 - urban 5,042
18 Poblacion 035403018 - urban 3,234
20 San Agustin Norte 035403020 - rural 3,220
21 San Agustin Sur 035403021 - rural 1,436
22 San Antonio 035403022 - rural 3,286
25 San Jose Mesulo 035403025 - rural 4,984
26 San Juan Bano 035403026 - rural 8,159
27 San Mateo 035403027 - rural 5,135
28 San Nicolas 035403028 - rural 8,028
29 San Roque Bitas 035403029 - rural 4,849
30 Cupang (Santa Lucia) 035403030 - rural 3,264
31 Matamo (Santa Lucia) 035403031 - rural 2,608
32 Santo Niño Tabuan 035403032 - rural 2,277
34 Suclayin 035403034 - rural 2,840
35 Telapayong 035403035 - rural 4,375
36 Kaledian (Camba) 035403036 - rural 4,371

According to the 2007 census, Arayat has a population of 118,312 inhabitants and belongs to the 147 emerging cities in the Philippines with more than 100.000 residents. Based on the number of its inhabitants Arayat is number 113 of the most populous cities of the Philippines and at 74 in Luzon group of islands. With an area of 134.48 km² Arayat occupies a relatively small urban area. Accordingly, there is a high population density. In Arayat, by average, 879.77 people live in one square kilometer. With this value, Arayat is only number 139 in Luzon and is nationally ranked 170th of the most densely populated cities in the Philippines.

According to the Philippine income classification for provinces, cities and municipalities Arayat is a 1st class municipality. The urbanization status of Arayat is classified as partly urban.

Among the bigger cities and muni­ci­pa­li­ties in the neigh­bor­hood of Arayat there are City Of Pasig (Second District) 71 km south-south-east, City Of Antipolo (Rizal) 76 km south-east, City Of Manila (First District) 67 km south-south-east, Caloocan City (Third District) 59 km south-south-east, Quezon City (Second District) 63 km south-south-east, Taguig City (Fourth District) 74 km south-south-east, City Of Makati (Fourth District) 70 km south-south-east, City Of Parañaque (Fourth District) 76 km south-south-east, City Of Valenzuela (Third District) 54 km south-south-east as well as 77 km south-south-east of Arayat the municipality City Of Las Piñas (Fourth District).

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